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Our story begins with the marketing of flagship products; they accompanied the development of our expertise and the success of our customers in numerous sectors, private and public.

Your images

We develop a unique offer of imaging monitoring satellite in the very high-resolution optical and radar domain. Our offer extends from 20 meters on the ground to 30 centimeters, whatever is the spectral range. We began the distribution of satellite images with an offer developed around the satellite Ikonos, from the debuts of our company in 2001. Several major projects were successfuly led, for the private sector, small, average and large companies, as well as the civil public sector and the French and international bodies of defense.

Your tools and softwares

The job of photogrammetrist and of digital image processing is familiar to us since several years. We are endowed at the same time with serious acquis in the project experience regarding photogrammetric and cartographic production. We dedicated to our customers a line progiciel which meets the requirements of quality, precision and robustness of use so as to guarantee the highest level of technical result at the best cost

Your sensors

Industrial projects require a study of the implementation means for airborne and ground data acquisition. We bring expertise and partnerships recognized in the industry to endow you the most successful ways of the market.

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