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Geographic information

Satellites imaging and services

The understanding of our world crosses a more and more precise and successful information on our landscape. This geo-information is available in the form of images of monitoring satellites on high and very high-resolution, in the daytime and at night, whatever is the weather report. These images, with some mouse clicks, cover all the surface of the globe. They will contribute to the conclusion of all your projects.


Need tools for the analysis and the control of spaces ? We propose a wide range of production and exploitation tools for satellites and aerial photos, given by airborne laser, radar images, information systems and geodatabases. We implement them in functional sets adapted to your needs.

Expertise, engineering

An expertise of more than 15 years at your service; we propose training, project assistance, works council, analysis of your market and business plans to develop your acquisition chain of airborne data and maximize the production of your own images; we are at the origin of numerous corporate projects for the private and public sector in France and on the international stage.

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