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Giving our expertise and transmit our knowledge is one of the foundations of our activity. So we dedicate a big part of our activity to services of expertise and training to numerous market players of geomatics in France and on the international stage.



We deliver a set of trainings in French as in English on one vast panel of themes which relate to the geomatics. These trainings resume the bases of geography, remote detection and photogrammetry.

We approach the technologies of data acquisition in the field of spatial, airborne, visible and radar imaging (SAR), thermal imaging under sun rays and by emissivity, hypespectral imaging.

We have made numerous training initiatives in France and abroad for a large variety of organizations : public, private, civil and military


We provide expertises for our customers at several levels of activity in all the domains connected to the ground, spatial and airborne cartography.


We were brought to follow projects in France or in countries of North Africa, Central Africa and Indian sub-continent.

Project ownership assistance, Information systems;
Technical consultancy service, ground georeferencing;
Chain of information processing,
Information system architecture,
Geographical data acquisition chain.

Architectures and systems integration


We integrate systems of geospatial information for the processing of your airborne or spatial data. Whatever is the size and the project type, we bring our expertise of technical solutions on informatic processing and network communication infrastructures to exploit at best the production environment of the company. We have made several projects of integration among which systems of high-density treatment realized with our customers.

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