Our clients

Our customers portfolio evolves and is constantly renewed over the years. However certain customers show us their trust for nearly 15 years and are sometimes at the origin of the debuts of our activity.

Large companies


We work since the debuts with corporate services of large companies in numerous fields of activity, in particular the mining and hydrocarbons exploration, and networks of infrastructures. We have the capacity to adapt ourselves to contexts of projects or preliminary drafts after a thorough analysis of our customers' needs, in an organizational context of large company or SME.



Small and medium-sized companies


We supply services, image and software products, systems of acquisition and high-density calculation in SMEs situated in France, Eurozone and in North Africa, North America and the Middle East. These companies recognize our know-how and our reactivity on very precise subjects when we are contracted to supply expertise and high-level value-added services.



Government agencies


We collaborate for a long time with numerous government agencies on variable-sized projects, in multiple domains. We were holders of several public procurements conducted efficiently for more than 7 years. In particular we work for the National Geographical Institute, the CCR in cooperation with the Services and Payments Agency (ASP) since 2008.


Academic institutes, research laboratories


Number of our customers are among academic institutions and university research laboratories in France. We work with most of the universities of the metropolitan territory and numerous research laboratories occurring in highly varied scientific domains and in the higher education.