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Our partners

Our activity evolved year after year with the thoughtful development of chosen, long-lasting and fruitful relations with international partners who recognize us as high-level experts and we are proud to represent in France and more generally the francophone countries.

Leaders of geomatics softwares


Since 2001, we are partner with PCI geomatics, the world leader software of satellite image processing. In 2005, we completed our offer by getting closer to DAT / EM inc. in the United States. We contributed this day to the sales and to the development of these two leading players in France and in several french speaking countries..


Airborne imagery collection equipment manufacturers


After beginning a series of projects in airborne cartographic production, we decided to stop the direct production for the benefit of an activity of engineering dedicated to the operators of air shooting in France and in the french-speaking countries. Our cooperation with leading companies made them recognize us as professional advisers in development of means of airborne remote detection. We have the pleasure to represent Vexcel Imaging with six cameras Ultracam settled in France, Optech Inc with a Lidar put into operation, numerous systems of embarked management and an active cooperation with Itres Inc for the development of its offer in French-speaking Europe


Earth observation satellites operators


In the same way we began very early to work with leading players of monitoring satellite operations. Our partnership began with Space Imaging lnc who became Geoeye, then more recently Digitalglobe Inc, to which we are working with his European representative.

More recently, we began to widen our offer of spatial imaging products by building new commercial partnerships in Korea, with Satrec Imaging Services ( SIIS), in China with 21AT from Singapore, and in Japan with RESTEC.

It gives us a complete offer of observation imaging in high and very high resolution, optical and radar, which we propose you to associate with our experience of the integration and the production startup of high performance satellite data.


I/T industry solutions and support


We developped processing I/T integration to issue some processing solution along with genuine airborne and spaceborne processing projects. We decided from the  beginning to work with worldwide recognized I./T industry solution providers. thus, we gladly work and propose innovative and most robust NEC Corporation I/T solutions for processing store and carry a tremendously incresing volume of digital data.

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